Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Delicious Alchemy

I was recently contacted by Delicious Alchemy to see if they could send me some samples of their products to try. I'd heard about this company from another free from blogger and I'd ordered some of their Rice Porridge to try instead of oat porridge which I'd really been enjoying. 

I love the packaging of all their products. The colours and designs are great. They have a fab website too with lots of information including an online shop, recipes and information about being Gluten free. 

As I don't eat Dairy or Gluten they sent me a selection of products to suit my needs. I also don't eat egg but the only product I received requiring eggs was the brownies which I adapted. All the products clearly stated any allergens. Their website also states all ingredients. 

I received the following:
White Bread Mix
Chocolate Brownie Mix
Syrup flavoured Porridge Oats
Oath Cookie Mix
Rice Flake Porridge

Over the weekend I was excited to try them all. I got started with the White Bread Mix. 

This was the product I was probably most excited about. It was really really easy to make just by adding water and oil. It took quite a while in the oven (approx 90 mins) but the end result was well worth the wait. 

The mix produced a nice size loaf which on first impressions looked and smelt great. The real test was when I cut the first slice. 

The inside of the loaf was gorgeous light and fluffy. Not hard and stodgy like some gf breads. I had the first few slices just with dairy free butter and they were delicious. Definetly one of (if not the) best bread I've tasted. It's crust, inside texture and taste was all perfect. I used up the last few pieces two days after it had been made by toasting it with oil and garlic and it was still yummy. 

Next on the list were the Oaty cookies. Again these were super easy to make and instructions easy to follow. They smelt so good whilst baking. 

I did have to add a sprinkling of gf flour to my mix as I think I added slightly too much liquid but they turned out perfectly. They had a lovely taste which reminded me of golden syrup. I think they only lasted half an hour as my husband and sister helped devour them while they were still warm. Yum!

The following morning I thought I'd test out the porridge oats for breakfast. They came in an individual serving sized cup. I liked the idea of golden syrup flavoured as I always add syrup to my porridge. 

I'd usually add rice milk to porridge but on this occasion I followed the instructions and just added water. After giving it a short stir it was ready. It was the perfect sweetness for me and I must admit it was rather quite creamy tasting even made with water. I thought the portion size was perfect too. It was an enjoyable breakfast. 

Sunday called for a treat so I thought I'd try the brownies. These required dairyfree spread (I used vitealite) and 2 eggs. I used my Orgran egg replacer to make them egg free (label does state not suitable for egg allergy sufferers). 

I do sometimes struggle using egg replacer with packet mixes but what ever the outcome a part baked gooey chocolate brownie always tastes good. I did have to leave it in the oven for longer as the replacer doesn't set the same as proper eggs but I was happy with the end result. It had a lovely crunchy top and a gooey middle. I added some spare raspberries to the mix too which were nice. Let's just say two of us cleared the whole thing between us within an afternoon/evening. 

Last but not least is the Rice Flake Porridge. I've been eating this for the last month or so and been loving it. I sometimes feel like oat based porridge a bloat me so this is a perfect alternative. 

I've made it with rice milk and macadamia milk and both were delicious. I've served it with blueberry chia jam, cashew butter, maple syrup and pecans. The options are endless. I will continue to use this for my breakfast regularly. 

Overall I thought all the products were great, tasty and very easy to use. I will definetly be buying some of them in the future. I would like to thank Delicious Alchemy for giving me the opportunity to try their products. They didn't ask me to blog their products but I believe in giving credit where credit is due. Thumbs up! 
You can find their website here