Thursday, 12 March 2015

Beanberry Coffee

I've never been a big coffee or tea drinker and since becoming dairy free all those years ago I've only drunk herbal teas (mainly Peppermint and Green). I had the odd coffee but back then I was put off with how the dairy free milks would curdle in the drink and split. I think at the beginning I was using soya/oat milk a lot which i never buy now. If I am having a "milky" drink I use Rice milk. In fact that's the only milk in my fridge. I do sometimes buy hazelnut milk which is great for hot chocolate.

Anyway back to the reason I was writing this post. During the week my husband stopped off for breakfast at a coffee shop called Giro in Esher. He had "the best coffee ever" and decided to bring home a pack of the coffee they used. We brought an espresso machine before Christmas and we've been using it daily. It has a steamer for milk too so the rice milk works great. I've started having a coffee after my evening meal some nights as a treat. We'd just been buying the usual supermarket brands unknown to us that there's a whole world of "proper" coffee out there. 

The pack he purchased was from Beanberry Coffee (an Artisan company roasting and blending their own small batches of coffee beans) and it was the Ethiopian  Rocko Mountain. The smell as I opened the pack was amazing. The back of the pack explains all about the beans and the flavours. We made a cup straight away. I had to agree it was the best coffee I've ever tasted too. A lot richer with more depth and flavour than a normal coffee. Delightful.

I then took to the Internet as you do to hunt them down. Living 3 hours from Surrey going back to Giro wasn't an option. To my delight they have their own website and online shop. I found it really interesting reading about all the different beans and the backgrounds to them. I decided to order 4 packets that I liked the sound of (one of which Beanberry recommended to me via Twitter). They arrived speedily the next day. Great service. I loved the little touch on the back of the pack saying roasted for my name.

We have tried a few of them already and they are so good. If you like coffee I'd highly recommend trying this company. They sell the beans in different grinds too according to your choice (Whole bean, Cafetiere grind,  filter grind & espresso grind). I can see myself re-ordering regularly. 

You can view their website here

I know this post wasn't the usual "free from" post but I felt I needed to write about them so I hope you enjoyed?

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