Friday, 29 May 2015

Orlando Supermarket Haul 2015

We are lucky that within 5 mins of our villa we have a Publix Supermarket (think Morrisons), a Huge Walmart (think Tesco Extra) and 10 minutes away a Super Target (cross between Asda & Sainsburys). 
We always go shopping on our first morning to stock up the fridge. We don't eat in the villa all the time but we like to have liquids, snacks and a few meal options on hand. This year we did the main shop at Publix and then got a few remaining bits from Walmart. 

Everything is very well labelled in the USA but I do find it harder to find the free from products as they aren't always together and can be mixed in with normal items. The dairy free milks are easy to find in the chilled section. Don't expect to see many small cartons like we get in the UK, they are mainly the large family sized cartons. They have a lot more choice in types and flavours too. I liked that I could buy big cartons of Cashew milk that hasn't made it big in the UK yet.

They have a huge range of dairy free ice cream too. This photo was a section of one of the freezers, there was another shelf under these with more choices. They have the nut milk based ice cream plus the Lactaid which is their lactose free range.

Walmart did have a decent sized section of free from products but I did have to read the labels as like here they may be gluten free but doesn't mean they are free from everything else. 

These are a few specifically dairy, gluten & egg free products I purchased. I like the Amy's pizzas, the cashew milk was nice and creamy and I love the blueberry Vans waffles for a quick breakfast. The gluten free wraps were great too, they were just on a rack with normal wraps so luckily I spotted them. 

We visited Target a few days later and I found some nice items that I didn't see in Publix or Walmart. Some of these items were to bring home too. I really liked the junior mints (flattened poppets) they did have may contain dairy warning but I was fine.

These burritos were a great find as they were pretty good and a great little snack.

The chicken pot pie was also a nice find. The pastry was nice and crispy and the filling was tasty.

This wasn't a specific free from item but I thought I'd include it as I really enjoyed it. Edamame hummus is really good. 

This was our full shop from Walmart & Publix. Obviously some things aren't free from (ie husbands donuts) but there is plenty of food that is naturally "free from". I always get the Tostitos scoops with a big tub of salsa. yum!

I know some people go on holiday and never cook or venture into a supermarket but food shopping is definitely a highlight for me. I love seeing all the different products available although I always think that U.S. Supermarkets make ours look boring with the amount of different stuff they have. Or is it just because it's a novelty to me?

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