Thursday, 8 January 2015

Vegan & Gluten Free Tuck Box

I'd spotted some goodies that kept popping up on my Twitter feed sold by The Vegan Tuck Box. The company has an online shop selling various monthly subscription boxes (all vegan with a gluten free option). They also sell some products separately. I thought I'd give it a try with a January discount code. I already have a monthly chocolate subscription box so before diving in with another I thought I'd order a one off mini version.

I ordered the Mini Gluten Free Vegan Tuck Box which contains 5 sweet and savoury items. 

This month it has the following items:
Retro Corn - Popcorn dusted in crushed candy.
Plantain Chips - Chilli flavour
Tamari Soy Snacks - Tamari Roasted Soybeans
Beond Bar - Baobab Pineapple Bar
Vego Chocolate - Hazelnut Chocolate

I'm not going to lie I let out a little scream when I saw the Vego bar as its one of my faves. The other items I wouldn't have particularly picked myself so I'm looking forward to trying them all. Afterall these boxes are made to enable us to try new things. It's especially good if you haven't got a great choice of alternative and health food stores nearby. 

While ordering the box I spotted a few extra products I knew I wanted to try. I ordered the No Whey, No No's and Peanot Cups. I have never seen these anywhere else. They aren't cheap and they are small packets but they are all damn good! America does it again with fab free from goodies. I also popped a choc mint hot chocolate spoon in my basket (it is hot chocolate weather after all).

Overall I was really happy with my delivery and I'll most likely try another box in the future. I'd also order separate items from them again.  It's worth checking out the website if you fancy a monthly surprise box of treats or just a one off. 

I loved all the chocolates I purchased. The No Wheys are a great alternative to a Mars bar. The packets just need to be bigger. The No No's surprised me with the marshmallow centres but really nice. Also loved the Peanot cups, great alternative to a Reeses cup, yum!
It didn't click until I went to open the packet of RetroCorn that it was Cola Cube flavoured and it was great, different but great. 
I really liked the tamari soy snacks too, nice and crunchy with a dry roasted flavour. 
The pineapple bar was a nice mid morning snack. A bit like a Nakd bar. 
I'm still to try the plantain chips.

February Box
This month I decided to try the full sized Gluten Free Vegan Box. I was not disappointed :) again I also ordered a few additional items that I fancied trying.

I loved all the sweet items I received in the box. The chocolate orange frogs from Cocoalibre were especially good. The Peanot No No's were nice but not what I expected. They were more like a crispy shell with a white chocolate centre, there was no brown chocolate layer. The lemon creams were nice but not something I'd buy again, I much prefer orange or mint creams. 
I loved the Karkli snacks, I'd definetly buy them again. They didn't last long. I really didn't like the seaweed stick thing. It was a bit of an acquired taste. Not for me. I'm still to try the raw biscuits and the soypresso. 
Overall was really happy with the box and really enjoyed trying all the items. 

In addition to the box I also ordered the Strawberry & Cream Retro Corn which I love. Also tried the vegan cream egg which was nice and the thumbs up bar which was really nice. It's just a shame that vegan chocolates are so expensive but I don't mind if it's a treat every now and then :)

March box
Another fab box this month. Was very excited to see the Cashew Milk. I'd tried Cashew milk while in the USA last year and I loved it. Can't wait to try this one. I love Ten Acre crisps (as you'll see in the other photo I ordered extras). They are all Vegan and Gluten Free and come in fab flavours. The Yummy Scrummy raw brownie and the hazelnut cookie were both delicious. I thought the packet of the Emily Fruit Crisps was so pretty, the crisps made a nice change too. I've had the Beyond Dark choc chips from Sainsburys and they are great for nibbling or adding to baking so they will come in handy. I'm yet to try the other items but it was a great interesting box.

I ordered a few extras. The Cheese & Onion Ten Acre Crisps are amazing. You don't often come across good "cheese" flavoured dairy free products but these tick the box. I also wanted to try the Foods of Athenry Blondie Shots as I love the chocolate shots they do. These reminded me of shortbread and I really enjoyed them. Think the chocolate ones are still my favourite though.

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  1. I was eyeing up the No Whey, No No's and Peanot Cups before Christmas, I should probably consider placing an order :)