Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Rewind NYC April 2013

Back in 2013 when I went to NYC/Florida I did a bit of a private food blog that I just shared with family & friends. I thought i'd share it with everyone on here as a "rewind" post. Please note that some photos on this page may also contain non Free From food that my husband ate. I've not re-written anything, it's been copied straight from Tumblr.

We were only in NYC for three days so we mainly ate snacks and went to quick service restaurants as we were really busy trying to fit everything in. 

Anyway, here goes...

British Airways did good :) I requested a “low lactose” meal and that’s what I got :) simple minted bean/pea salad for starters, very tasty (for a plane meal) poached fish with herb sauce and a soy milk rice pudding with pistachio :) *claps*

I had read about Chloe’s soft serve off Union Square on the Internet. Their soft serve is dairyfree/vegan. We both had a small tub of mixed flavours. I had banana and blueberry, lee had raspberry and chocolate. I really enjoyed it. Esp the banana. They are made from fruit, water and small amount of sweetener. Really nice and refreshing. Yum!

First stop in Union Square was the Whole Foods store. OMG!! when you look at things as much as I do on the Internet and then they are in front of you it’s so exciting :) I managed to pick up afew things I really wanted (newmans O’s: a DF and GF version of Oreos and the earth balance puffs) I’m yet to try them but I can’t wait. Also found afew other things like the Sweet & Sara stuff and some items I’d not heard of. I will up date you when I try them :) *i heart Wholefoods NY*

On the way back up to the hotel I’d found a place before arriving called Chipotle. Basically a fast food Mexican with almost all items being Dairyfree and Wheatfree. I had Corn Tacos with Rice, Chipotle chicken, tomato salsa and lettuce. Washed down with a root beer ( when in America eh?). Lee had a burrito bowl with rice, pinto beans, jalpeano chicken and cheese. We both really enjoyed it :) yum!

For something to eat before we went to the show tonight we stopped off on Maddison Ave at a place called 4Food. Another place I’d stalked out on the Internet and interested me because of the choices. I opted for a beef patty (they are donut shaped) you then choose a “scoop” which fits in the middle, i had edamame and any other toppings and sauces and finally the bread. I had a DF & WF grilled rice. It’s sticky sushi rice shaped as a bun and then grilled to crispen the outside. It was all very tasty.

They also made their own drinks so I had a Peach & Rosehip iced tea and lee had a Vanilla Soda. Both very nice.

Update on the snacks I brought from WF. The Earth Balance puffs are lovely. Not had a wotsit in years and these definitely would fill the gap. Yum. Also had the Sweet & Sara Rice Crispy square which was very good :) crispy, chewy and yummy :)

We’d both been very excited about visiting Katz Deli. The place had a great vibe inside with the walls covered in photos of famous visitors from over the years. We ordered the 3 Meat platter which came with bread and pickles. The platter consisted of Pastrami, Corned Beef and Brisket. All three meats were so tasty, juicy and tender. The best meat we’d ever eaten. Meaty heaven!

While down in the bottom of the East Side I managed to visit Babycakes NYC. As lots of my freefrom friends know it’s a very popular allergy friendly / vegan bakery. I had a slice of banana choc loaf cake with a choc chip cookie and lee had a Fruit & Cream Biscuit (like a scone). Lee had eaten his before I managed to get a photo. Both my items were very yummy but especially the Banana loaf. Cute little shop too.

Sampling another one of my treats. Mmm I can now enjoy a peanut butter cup while lee is eating his reeses. They were sooo nice.

A few interesting snacks we got free on the plane. Looking forward to the blue “potato chips” aka crisps.

We flew down to Orlando with Jet Blue airlines. 

Hope you enjoyed this little flashback? My next "Rewind" will be what I ate in Florida 2013.

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