Sunday, 1 February 2015

Rewind Orlando 2013 Part 1

Welcome to my 2nd "Rewind" post. After a few days in NYC (see previous post HERE) we flew down to Orlando, Florida to continue our holiday and continued enjoying American food & drink.

We stay in a villa so we like to visit local supermarkets to stock up on items we can cook ourselves in between eating out. Again some of the photos will show non "freefrom" foods that my husband ate.
All posts have been copied directly from my Tumblr blog.

Freefrom haul from the local publix store :)

First morning breakfast :) maple sausage, maple smoked bacon with Blueberry waffles & Syrup :)

Got to love American snacks :)

I’ve decided I want to live in this whole foods store. It was epic. I thought the store in NY was big but this was a full blown stand alone supermarket of exciting stuff :) it had so many different sections and countless amounts of “freefrom” foods. Heaven!!

Today’s “freefrom” haul. I brought, 2 types of Kombucha (lavender & hibiscus) purely cos I’d seen people mention it on YouTube and I wanted to try it. A bottle of pomegranate & mint Chia drink, Amy’s GF lasagne made with daiya, mint choc chip cookie sandwiches, another type of daiya cheese, sugar cookies, chocolate & creme sandwich cookies, Vans cinnamon French Toast, chicken nuggets, two bars of choc and a tub of Eat Pastry Cookie Dough. Yes our stomachs will be expanding over the coming weeks ;) I can’t wait to try everything :)

This sushi was finished before we got back to the villa :) good stuff :)

Had the Lasagne for my lunch. Really nice. I’m loving the Daiya cheese. It really does have the texture of mozzarella :) I’m already planning how to get a stash of the cheeses home :)

Due to having a late lunch we didn’t feel overly hungry for a big evening meal so we popped to Chick-Fil-A. Husband had a spicy chicken burger with waffle fries and I had a kids Grilled Chicken Nugget meal. Was really nice, and now were back to feeling really full again.

Today’s breakfast. Vans Cinnamon French toast (really nice) and Watermelon.

Yep they really are blue and very yummy :)

Snow cones at Downtown Disney. Grape and Lime.

While at Downtown Disney I of course had to visit Babycakes :) they had lots of cupcakes for sale but as I was talking to some of my friends on Twitter yesterday about “freefrom” donuts I thought I’d get a selection of Donuts :) mmm they are sooo good :) wish I could send you all one :)

For out tea we decided to try Joes Crab Shack. We were glad we did. We had a steam pot of snow crab, dungeness crab, shrimps, sausage, corn and potatoes. We were given all the cracking tools and a bib and dug in. It was all so tasty (and fun). I washed it down with a Shark Bite cocktail and a Cherry Limeade.

My sister had found an ice cream based snack called Dippin Dots, so we were on a mission to find them. Husband had Cookie Dough, they were that good that he went back for seconds. I had a dairyfree option of Rainbow Dots which were fruity. They were really good :)

Part 2 of the blog to follow....

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