Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Rewind Orlando 2013 Part 2

Here is part two of my "Rewind" post from my visit to Orlando, Florida in 2013.  
Some photos may show non "free from" food which was eaten by my husband. All posts have been copied directly from my Tumblr blog. Part one can be found here.

On our way back from Universal we decided to try Buffalo Wild Wings. I had naked tenders with fries and a side of six honey BBQ wings. Husband had a combo of wings and boneless wings with hot BBQ sauce and fries. All very tasty :)

Late lunch at Moes Southwest Grill. Husband had a huge “home wrecker” burrito. I had a burrito bowl filled with rice, chicken, pinto beans, pico de gallo, guacamole, lettuce and Cucumber. Was very tasty :)

Today we went to the shopping malls so we had a food court lunch.
I went to Five Guys Burgers and had a bunless handmade hamburger with tomato and lettuce and very nice fries.

I’m loving the minute maid juices, watermelon is my fave but I found a cherry vanilla today in Walmart. $1 each for 2ltrs. Also found a soy based iced latte which I’m looking forward to trying :)

Tonight’s tipple. How cool!!

Our tea/supper Ribs & Amys Mac n Cheese :) soooo yummy :)

Pancakes & syrup for breakfast :) yum!

We randomly spotted the Dippin Dot shop on the 192 on our way home. We had to oblige :) 
I had Liberty Ice :) love em!

Tonight we had the best steak we have ever eaten. A 20oz Wood Fire grilled Porterhouse. We’d seen Adam Richman mention it was his favourite steak a few nights ago on Man Vs Food. It happened to be on the menu at Outback Steakhouse. Winner!! Half the steak is a New York Strip and the other smaller half is a Fillet Mignon. OMG! It was melt in your mouth tender. Esp the fillet side. I had mine with sweet potato fries drizzled in honey (yum) and lee had a sweet jacket potato with honey, brown sugar and cinnamon butter. He informed me it was amazing. The meal was soooo good :)

I was really impressed with how Discovery Cove dealt with food allergies. They had a sign out at breakfast saying “GF snacks available on request”. I asked the server and was give a snack box which contained a packed of fruit crisps, cookies and a brownie. I also grabbed a banana and apple juice.

For lunch the chef told me all the options that were available. I decided to go for a pulled pork roll which was made with a “freefrom” bread. Was really nice. She gave me some fries and two more snack boxes. The snack boxes are free from all 8 top allergens. I thought they were a really good idea :) top marks to DC.

Lunch today was at a Dine in Theatre. Husband had a Chicken cheese Chipotle Pizzetti with fries. I had some fresh cooked potato chips and a Sour Apple Martini :)

More posts to come in part 3...

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