Thursday, 10 July 2014

Considerit - Monthly Chocolate Box

For many years I've seen adverts in magazines and had leaflets come through my door offering monthly chocolate subscription boxes. I'd look a them longingly knowing full well there would be no chance of them being dairy free. 

Considerit Chocolate have changed all that by launching a new monthly chocolate box which is completely Dairy Free. I ordered from this company a while ago after a recommendation from Sarah (@sugarpuffish) and I really enjoyed their handmade truffle style bars. 

The box is £9.95 plus £3.00 postage and has to be ordered Here before the 15th of each month. It is then delivered within the first 10 days of the following month. It's hard to get good dairy free chocolate from the shops so I liked the idea of it arriving monthly through my letter box. I also like the idea of the contents of the box being a surprise then every time it arrives it's like a chocolaty Christmas. 

My first box arrived and I couldn't wait to open in. Here's what it contained:

1 x Large Madagascan Vanilla Chocolate Truffle Bar
1 x Mini Orange Chocolate Truffle Bar
1 x Mini Sea Salt Caramel Bar
1 x Mini Passion Fruit Chocolate Truffle Bar
1 x Chocolate Buttons

I tried the passion fruit bar first and it was lovely. Never thought of that combo but it works :) I've had the Sea Salt Caramel before and it's epic so I'm going to save that until last. I like how a few of the bars are dusted with gold, pretty. The chocolate they use is lovely and I love the smooth truffle centers. Yum! I'm going to enjoy this box but it probably won't last long!

If you love chocolate it's worth checking out :) I'm already looking forward to next months box.

Well done Considerit! 

August Box

I had another lovely box of goodies delivered from Considerit :) 

This month I received the following:
1 x Mini Mint Chocolate Truffle Bar
1 x Mini Raspberry Chocolate Truffle Bar
1 x Mini Single Malt Whisky Chocolate Truffle Bar
1 x Mini Nothing but Chocolate Truffle Bar
1 x Sea Salt Chocolate
1 x Bag of a selection of individual truffles

I loved all of the chocolates but especially the bag of truffles and the mint truffle bar. 

September Box 

Yay! It's that time of the month again when I receive an exciting little box full of goodies :) I'm still loving receiving my box of surprises each month. It never lasts very long. This month has another great selection plus a new addition of a flapjack which I can't wait to try. Very excited to get the Sea Salt Caramel as that is my all time favourite, also love how it's dusted in gold :) 

This months box contains:
1 x Belgian Chocolate Flapjack
1 x Mini Amaretto Truffle Bar
1 x Mini Sea Salt Caramel Bar
1 x Mini Cinnamon Truffle Bar
1 x Large Mint Chocolate Truffle Bar

Thumbs up to Considerit Chocolate! 

Happy Chocolate Eating!! 

Sorry the October box didn't last long enough to take a photo oooops!

November Box

I must admit I did a little dance around the kitchen when I opened this months box...OMG it's quite possibly the best yet! If you don't have these boxes your missing a treat!

My ultimate favourite bar is the Sea Salt Caramel...well much to my surprise this months box contains a lovely jar of the golden liquid deliciousness. A jar full of the caramel centre which can be used for various things. Wow!! I cannot wait to use it (and not share it). I love how there's a new little twist in some of the boxes. 

I was also delighted to see a glistening big bar of honeycomb chocolate dusted in gold. I cannot wait to try this as I used to love crunchies in my dairy eating days.

There is also a lovely little chocolate truffle bar and a cinnamon truffle bar. Yum!

Another fab box Considerit! Keep em coming :) 

December Box

It's that time of the month again when a lovely box of chocolatey goodness pops through my letterbox.

This months is a lovely Christmas themed box

There is a new addition of a Hot Chocolate which I can't wait to use, very pretty chocolate shards covered in snowflakes, one of my favourite Amaretto Truffle Bars and also a Christmas flavoured Truffle bar. 

It's a great little box to see me through the festive season 

Merry Christmas Considerit! 

January Box

Happy New Year! 
I thought I would have been fed up of chocolate after the christmas indulgences but oh no!

This months box was full of greatness as always with some new items included. 

It contained the following:
Chocolate Ganache covered Rice Cake 
Coffee & Muscavado Truffle Bar
Belgian Chocolate Buttons
Cranberry Crunch Chocolate Bar
Chilli Chocolate Bar

I loved the rice cake, it was a great combination with the ganache and chocolate shell. I also really enjoyed the cranberry bar which had pieces of biscuit in it and the coffee truffle bar was lovely.

I'm yet to try the buttons and chilli but I'm thinking the chilli chocolate will be great if I break a piece into a chilli con carne as I often add dark chocolate to my recipe. 

Another great box :)

Last box....for now! 

I decided to suspend my subscription up to my holidays (healthy eating and all that in preparation) but today I received my last box, which is quite possibly my favorite one yet. Its an uber cute box this month which is full of Easter goodies. I think i'm going to love all of it.

The box contains:
Chocolate Dipped Pretzels
Butterscotch Sauce
Gold dusted Chocolate Bunny Lolly
Cream egg
Hot Cross Bun Chocolate Bar

I was really excited to see the cream egg and tried it straight away. I must say it was loads better than another vegan cream egg I had recently. Lovely crisp shell with a nicely flavored runny fondant filling. Yum!
I'm really excited to try the butterscotch sauce and if its anything like the salted caramel sauce in one of the previous boxes its going to be epic. Think i'll use it on some banana ice cream (if i don't eat it on a spoon out of the tub). The choc bunny is a cute addition. I love pretzels and chocolate so i'm sure they are going to be great too. I'm interested to taste the hot cross bun bar, I like the white chocolate cross detail.

As soon as i'm back from my holidays I will be re-subscribing because there's nothing better than receiving a box full of chocolatey surprises each month.

Thanks Considerit & I'll be back soon!

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