Thursday, 10 July 2014

MexGrocer Haul

If you want to buy Mexican supplies this is the site you need to visit.
I have placed a few orders with them now and they have great products and customer service. Delivery is always fast and arrives well packaged.
Even better they have a section on their website that contains Gluten Free products. If you have time to scout around on their website and research other items there are other naturally Free From products too. Not all items have their ingredients listed though and some are in Mexican so be a bit careful.
I love to stock up on the Corn Tortillas. I usually warm them in a dry frying pan and use them for Fajitas or as flat breads with curry. I’ve also put Dairy Free cheese in between them whilst in a hot pan to make “cheese” toasty wraps. They are a great bread substitute. They do have a few types; I’ve tried the purple tortillas and the cactus ones. Not a huge difference in taste but the coloured ones look good. They also do a small version which is also handy for serving with meals.
This time I also purchased some Corn Tortillas for frying. I like the idea of making my own freshly cooked chips for dips whenever I want without going to the supermarket for a bag of them. I did order some of their boxed tortilla chips too which were lovely.
They have a good selection of sauces on the site. I’m yet to try the ones I ordered but I like the sound of them. They have lots of chilli and salsa style sauces as well as Mexican staple foods such as re-fried beans etc.
I also like to add a few random (safe) items to my basket too, on this occasion it was a few different Mexican drinks, Hibiscus tea leaves and a jar of Guava Jam which I really like the sound of.
All in all I really recommend this website. Things are reasonably priced and it is easy to use.
You can find them on Twitter and their website is linked here.
This is my homemade Mexican Meal using some of the tortillas I purchased

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