Friday, 3 July 2015

Boatwrights at Disney's Port Orleans Riverside 2015

Boatwrights, which is a Louisiana style restaurant, can be found at the Port Orleans Riverside Resort. This is a pretty big resort which we found really nice to stroll around after our meal.

I made a reservation at Boatwrights after reading great reviews from Gluten Free & Dairy Free WDW. I knew I had to try the crawfish bites. I emailed Disneys special diets to request this as a starter. The chef emailed me back a few days later to confirm it would be possible. Yay! 

On arrival the server told me a chef would come out to see me. I told him I'd ordered the crawfish bites and I asked him what he'd recommend from the menu as a main. He suggested the Chicken & Waffles. I agreed as its not every day you can get safe Chicken & Waffles. Off he went to sort out our meals.

I was served two rolls with olive oil which I enjoyed but I was conscious that I didn't want to fill myself up with bread as I'm not used to having a starter and main.

I shared the crawfish bites with my husband as I'd seen that you got a pretty big portion. I really enjoyed them, they were crispy and nicely seasoned.

My main arrived and I must say I was slightly disappointed. I was served a waffle with chicken tenders. I was kinda expecting proper fried chicken as the chef didn't mention tenders. But it was nice all the same. I was really full by the end of it all though. I did wish I'd picked out the jambalaya or one of the fish dishes. My husband had catfish which looked lovely.

I really liked the setting and the theming of the restaurant and they were great with my special requested. I just made the wrong choice with the main.

When I got home I found crayfish tails in my local Morrisons so I thought I'd try my own crawfish bites. I seasoned some GF Plain Flour with smoked paprika and salt and mixed in some water to make a batter. I heated up a pan of oil and dipped each crayfish tail into the batter and then placed it into the oil. Once all were browned and crisp I removed them from the oil and drained them on some kitchen roll. I served mine with a nice fresh salad. They were yummy!

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