Monday, 6 July 2015

Favourite Fast Food Eats in Florida 2015

Over the last few years if I needed some fast food we always called at Chick-fil-a as I knew I could have the grilled chicken nuggets and waffle fries. I love them dipped in Polynesian sauce.

We only went once this time but I had my old faithful nuggets & waffle fries. Yum!

This year a new restaurant/take away had appeared on the main stretch of road that we traveled down every day (192 West Bronson Memorial Highway). It is called Pollo Tropical. I started by dropping them a little email to ask about allergies. They replied really quickly and sent me a full list of allergens.

A few days later when we were in need of some quick food we decided to give it a try. The man behind the counter was very helpful in telling me which options I could pick and he double checked his allergen lists. I decided to have a TropiChop which is a rice bowl with chicken and different toppings. I had rice, black beans, chicken, tomatoes and corn. There was also salsa and other sauces available.

This place became my new favourite. I was nice to be able to have something that wasn't fried and there were no fries in sight. I considered it a nice healthier option for when we were needing a lighter meal. It was really tasty too.

Not so much fast food but while we were out at Brevard Zoo (nice day out if you like animals) I spotted a sign for chocolate coated frozen bananas they were Dairy & Gluten Free. Unfortunately the cafe was closed so I was unable to try them but when I searched for the website it seems that they are sold in lots of locations around Florida.

On my return I really wanted to try and make them for myself. I froze some bananas on lollipop sticks and made a raw chocolate with cocoa butter, raw cacao & maple syrup. I dipped the frozen bananas in the raw chocolate and covered with sprinkles, cacao nibs and sea salt. Then popped them back in the freezer to set. All three combinations were yummy and they make a great summer treat.

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