Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Orlando Food Haul 2015

If you know me you know I like a good suitcase haul. If you didn't see last years post it explains how I pack things to bring them back to the UK as unscathed as possible. Again travelling Premium Economy this year allowed me to bring back two extra suitcases filled will goodies. Not all food...but mainly.

Here is everything I brought home...

My last visit to Wholefoods Orlando was a bit like supermarket sweep. One of the things I grabbed as I was dashing round the store was this Follow Your Heart Ranch. I saw ranch dressing everywhere in Florida and i'd never tried it so when I saw this I knew I had to take it home. This was a chilled item so I had to pack it with ice packs to keep it cool. Its dairy, egg, gluten free and vegan. I've been using it on salads and as a dip and I really like it. Once its gone its gone though as I don't think this is available in the UK. Sob.

I know some people find Chia seeds weird. I'd probably describe them as frog spawn. But I actually really like them. Mamma Chia is a popular brand in the usa with lots of flavours. I'd actually brought these to drink while I was there but didn't get round to them so I wrapped them up to bring home. I really enjoyed both flavours. Are there any of these drinks in the UK?

While in the airport we were spending our last bit of spare cash on snacks. I spotted these Dry Roasted Edamame. They were free from Gluten & Dairy so I purchased. I really enjoyed them as a savoury snack.

Ah Tostitos. I love Tostitos. We usually buy the scoops but this year they had these new rolls which we loved. They were great dipped in salsa or hummus. Always amazes me the selection of Tortillas that the USA have compared to our selection. I also found the little tortilla trays in target and thought they were cute so I will use them for mini tacos or for salsa.

There are a lot of Justin's nut butters (including the peanut butter cups) in the usa. I found these little chocolate hazelnut butter packets in target. They are perfect size for a snack.

I noticed these bread crumbs in all three of the supermarkets, Walmart, Publix and Target. This one is free of dairy & egg too. I've used it already sprinkled on top of lasagne to make it crispy. It worked really well. I need to try them next to coat some chicken strips or prawns.

Random find but I had this brand of iced tea last year and was interested in trying this combination. I've not yet drank them but i'm looking forward to them. I love the cute packaging too.

Grape Jelly! or jam as we call it. I like anything grape flavoured (even the fake grape flavour). We dont tend to get grape jam over here so I always pop one in the suitcase.

These cute little biscuits may well have been my favourite haul purchase. I loved both flavours and I loved how tiny and sweet the little bunnies are. Not all Annies products are free from everything but i'm so glad these were free from dairy, egg and gluten because they were amazing.

I know we can now get a few Enjoy Life products in the UK now but I liked the sound of these. 

I found these baking mixes in Target and i've wanted to try the Cherrybrook Kitchen mixes for a while but on any UK websites they are really overly priced. I found them a lot cheaper in the usa. I've made the chocolate chip cookies and the brownies and they worked great and tasted great.

I used to love Oreo's so these two brands are great alternatives.

You can find Chex in all the supermarkets. There are lots of flavours to choose from. I brought home my favourites.

S'mores are very American, I think the closest we can get in the uk to a Graham style cracker is a digestive biscuit. Last year I made s'mores as desserts after summer bbq's. I'm looking forward to trying these crackers and using the square marshmallows.

I buy these crisps every year. They are a dairy free cheesy puff which reminds me of Wotsits. I love them. 

Wholefoods had a great selection of different pastas. I decided to try these two. I used the brown rice pasta lasagne recently in a lasagne and really enjoyed it. I like how it has a wavy edge.

I kinda miss sometimes being able to grab something cheap and simple. Lots of cuppa soups and instant noodles contain either gluten or milk so when I spotted these for under $1 in walmart I popped some in the trolley. I know they aren't the most nutritious of foods but it was nice to pop them in a mug at work and have them as a quick lunch. 

We love using our coffee machine and as much as we like nice Artisan ground coffee we are also drawn toward the cheaper flavoured brands too. Dunkin Donuts do some fab flavours and yes its probably not the best quality but we like it. Our favourite find this year was a cherry flavour which we had while we were there. The chocolate donut is also really nice. I'm going to use these for iced coffee's this summer.

Finally, last year I brought the Twinings Cold Brew teabags from the UK area in Epcot. I didnt go into Epcot this year but while we were there my sister did so she picked me up the four flavours they do. I love them in summer as they are so refreshing. I also found in Walmart the Salted Caramel Black tea which is so nice. I also brought some sleepy tea for bedtimes.

So that brings my 2015 USA Eats series to an end. I hope you have enjoyed reading all my posts and I hope they will help you plan an amazing holiday in Florida. If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comments or find me on twitter.


  1. Everything looks amazing, I want it all especially cinnamon sugar bunny cookies :D

    1. They were my faves out of the two. :)

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