Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Universal Studios Eats 2015

During our 2nd week we visited Universal Studios. Again, i'd never eaten a proper meal in the park over the past few years, i'd just settled with a melon pot or some crisps. This year I was determined to eat somewhere with my husband and my sister & her boyfriend who we met for the day while we were in the park.

My place of choice was Bumblebee Mans taco Truck in the Simpsons Springfield area of the park. 

The server was very helpful and explained which tacos were safe and what could be omitted. I decided on a Carne Asada Taco which was Skirt Steak. I received two corn tacos with steak, lettuce and salsa along with a side of tortilla chips. I did notice that corn tortillas are alot more available in restaurants and supermarkets in the USA than they are in the UK. Ours always seem to by the flour tortillas which is a shame as I think the corn tortillas are tastier. Anyway, I really enjoyed my lunch and washed it down with a Flaming Moe from Moe's Tavern.

We headed back to the new Harry Potter area, Diagon Alley and explored all the shops. This place is amazing and everything has been done to the very last detail.

As usual everyone was walking around slurping up their Butter Beers which unfortunately us dairy free people cant have. Boo hiss!! But I spotted a cool stall that was selling Gilly Water with a "Potion". There were lots of different coloured potions to choose from and the server told me the flavours of each of them. I decided on the Draught of Peace which was mainly blueberry I think. It was basically a syrup that you poured into your bottle of Gilly Water and shook up to make a drink. I really liked it as it allowed me to also have a quirky drink while the others enjoyed their Butter Beers.

Something else I like to cool down with at the Universal Parks are Dippin Dots. The Rainbow Ice flavour is the only dairy free option but they are nice and fruity. They are tiny balls of flavoured ice frozen with liquid nitrogen. I really like them.

When I contacted the Special Diets dept before my holiday they told me that in Universal Studios there were two full service restaurants that had chefs that could come to the table, they are Lombards Landing and Finnegans. GF Pasta is available in the full service restaurants too. He also advised that the Lemon and Strawberry Slush carts were ok and there were fruit cups sold in various areas.

Its worth emailing before your holiday to get an idea of your options. I felt a lot more comfortable this year eating in this park. Thumbs up Universal!

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