Saturday, 27 June 2015

Disney's Magic Kingdom Eats 2015

We'd not been to the Magic Kingdom since our honeymoon back in 2012. There's been lots of new additions since then so this year we decided to get a day ticket and go back. I'm so glad we did as it was such a fun day. We'd had a huge breakfast at 1900 Park Fare at the Grand Floridian Hotel before our last visit so I didn't eat at the park. I was looking forward to eating in the park this year and felt a lot more comfortable doing so knowing how amazing Disney are with food allergies.

For lunch we stopped at Gastons Tavern in the new Fantasy Land Area (Look out for Gaston in the courtyard for some funny banter). Its a quick service counter with a small seating area in a themed room to the left of the counter.

I really wanted to try the Roasted Pork Shank. I checked with the server and she showed me the ingredients list. Thumbs up it was safe for me. It was $7.99 which isn't cheap for just a bone with meat but when in Disney! I actually enjoyed it and it did fill me up nicely.

I also knew where I wanted to eat for Tea. I'd lined up Columbia Harbor House as they had a Special Diets Menu. This is a counter service restaurant with lots of indoor and outdoor seating.

I spotted a staff member while I was in the queue and asked for the special diets menu. I think he actually turned out to be a supervisor/manager as he told me to let him know what I wanted, he put it through with the cashier and he went into the back to arrange it. 

I picked the chicken tenders with fries (yes I was close to turning into a chicken tender by the end of the holiday, I was making the most of them). I also added an Enjoy Life cookie as a sweet treat. It was a nice filling meal and great service.

I loved our Disney day and it was so nice to know that as we were there for around 10 hours I was able to have two decent meals. The park has lots and lots of options for special diets. I'd highly recommend checking out Gluten Free & Dairy Free WDW blog as Sarah has lots of reviews for the restaurants in the park (plus all the other parks and hotels). Another favourite blog is Gluten Free Orlando. She also has loads of reviews of the parks and surrounding areas.

Enjoy a free from Disney trip!

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