Saturday, 6 June 2015

Beaches & Cream At Disney Beach Club Resort 2015

Another great place to explore is Disney's Boardwalk area where you can find a number of Disney hotels set around the lake. The Boardwalk area also has a number of restaurants, a bakery (sells some Babycakes items) and shops to wander around. Its really nice to stroll around in the evening too when it is lit up around the lake. Another tip, you can see the evening fireworks at Epcot if you stand on the bridge facing the park.

Our main point for this visit was to go to the Disney Beach Club Resort and have a dessert from their Ice Cream Parlour called Beaches & Cream. Its a pretty cool old school style parlour. I had it on good authority from Sarah of GF & DF WDW  that the shop sold amazing ice creams and could cater for allergies. I really wanted an ice cream float as its something I always had as a kid in the summer and i'd not had one for years. At the counter I asked for a Dairy Free float and the manager came across. She asked what allergies id got and offered to do me the float with Toffuti Ice Cream (which is soya based) or Rice Dream. I chose Rice Dream as I don't eat too much soya.

I know its not hard to put some scoops of ice cream in a cup of coke but its not something you can normally just go and get in a cafe. I loved it and it brought back those childhood memories.

The shop does other amazing desserts too and is famous for its (not allergy friendly) Kitchen Sink which is a huge sink filled with one of each ice cream sundae! If you pop over to Sarahs blog here you can read all about her amazing sundae.

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