Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Boma Breakfast at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge 2015

This year high on my to do list was visiting the Animal Kingdom Lodge resort. As we'd only got tickets to the Magic Kingdom this year it was a great way to feel a bit of the Animal Kingdom atmosphere without going into the actual park.

Again this hotel was amazing. The huge lobby was brilliantly themed. The pool area was fantastic and as you walked round the grounds you could spot various animals in the Savannah areas. I loved seeing the Giraffes. It's another hotel that would be amazing to stay at.

I'd heard great things about the restaurants at this resort so we decided to book a buffet breakfast at Boma. On arrival I told our server about my allergies (it was already printed on my receipt too from my online booking) and he told me a chef would be over. A nice lady chef came over and asked me if I'd like to walk round the buffet with her so off I went. 

She pointed out all the items that were safe and told me she'd make me some potatoes and mickey waffles (YES!!). She went off to sort those out so I started at the beginning of the buffet again. I got my self a bowl of fruit and a plate with sausage, bacon, carved ham and some sort of African spicy tomatoes. Being honest that is already a pretty big breakfast for me. When I got back to the table the chef had brought me out a plate of carved turkey, a bowl of potato wedges and three Mickey waffles with maple syrup. Oh my god! This food would have lasted me the day never mind one meal. Luckily my husband is always happy to help me out. 

I think this breakfast was the best breakfast I've had at Disney. Everything was really tasty, the carved meats were succulent and not dry, the wedges were perfectly cooked and the mickey waffles? Well the mickey waffles were the best I've had. They were crispy on the outside but lovely and fluffy in the middle.

After this breakfast I was seriously stuffed for the majority of the day. This is another restaurant I'd highly recommend visiting not only for the amazing food but also for a lovely walk around the grounds. If i won the lottery I'd definitely stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge. I thought the breakfast was great value though and excellent quality.

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