Monday, 8 June 2015

Universals Islands of Adventure Eats 2015

The first park we visited was Universals Islands of Adventure. For the past few years I've avoided eating properly in the Universal parks as they weren't as great with allergies as Disney but this year after reading some blogs I felt more comfortable to enquire. They have snacks around the park such as Lays (Walkers) Plain Crisps and Fruit Pots but when you are at a park all day you really need to keep up your energy with a proper meal.

This year I picked out the Three Broomsticks restaurant in the Harry Potter Hogsmeade area. This is a counter service restaurant so at the counter I asked the server what was available for dairy, egg & gluten free diets. I was presented with a folder which showed what meals were suitable for each allergy. I decided on the Chicken Platter which consisted of Half Smoked Chicken, Potatoes and Corn on the Cob. I also had a Raspberry Iced Tea to wash it down. The meal it's self was really tasty and substantial. I really enjoyed it and would really recommend it. I think Universal are also getting better with information for allergy sufferers. 

I emailed the Special Diets department before the holiday and a chef came back to me and said that the two main table service restaurants in Islands of Adventure have in house chefs which can be brought to your table to discuss the menu options. They are Confiscos and Mythos. He also mentioned that Thunder Falls in the Jurassic Park area had Chicken, Ribs, Potatoes, Fries and Corn which were all suitable. He noted that Butter Beer is Gluten and Egg free but NOT Dairy free. Also the Turkey Legs have Milk powder put on them during the smoking process. 

 Make sure you ask at each location in case any ingredients or cooking methods change.

When I got home I decided to recreate my meal. Here's how I did it. I sprinkled chicken thighs with smoked paprika and sprayed with garlic oil then popped them in the actifry to cook (could roast in oven). Whilst cooking I sliced some salad potatoes and part boiled in water, also adding the corn cobettes to the boiling pan. I softened some onion in a frying pan with olive oil and when the potatoes were close to being cooked through I transferred them the the frying pan and sprinkled with a pinch of Rosemary & Thyme. I browned them off in the pan and seasoned with salt & pepper. 

I served it all up in a dish with a dollop of dairy free butter on the corn. Yum!!

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