Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Discovery Cove Eats 2015

Spending the day at Discovery Cove is one of our favourite things to do on holiday in Orlando. You can buy a day ticket which allows you to have fun at the cove all day and includes breakfast, lunch, drinks and snacks. You can also add a dolphin swim onto the base ticket. We did this on our honeymoon but the last few visits we haven't felt the need to do it again. This year we did the SeaVenture which was great fun walking on the sea bed with the fish.

I didn't have anything exciting for breakfast as I wasn't too hungry, I opted for a fruit bowl as it was an easy option to pick out.

Around the park there a numerous kiosks with self serve drinks machines containing soda and slushies. They also have a selection of crisps which some are free from dairy & gluten and if I remember some packets of trail mix. The also serve "normal" pretzels and cookies.

For lunch I asked the server about allergies and she called out the chef to the end of the queue. He told me what options I had and I chose to have chicken and fries. He did tell me there were no safe dessert options. He came out with a plate full of chicken and fries and he's added some fresh fruit. It was a nice meal and fueled me up for more swimming.

What I did notice this year was there were no signs in the dining areas or kisoks advertising Gluten Free snacks like there was last year. There was also no sign of the allergy free snack packs that i'd had given me previous years so I can only assume they have stopped providing them which is a shame as snacks are limited.

I still like that they are good at catering for special diets and they go off and make everything separately in the back but I do think they could provide a few more allergy friendly snacks and an allergy friendly dessert option.

I highly recommend visiting Discovery Cove for the day though, its an amazing place and you wont be disappointed.

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