Monday, 22 June 2015

Wholefoods Orlando Haul 2015

It's no secret that I absolutely love Wholefoods and I especially love the ones in Florida as they are filled with so much different stuff compared to what we get in the UK. Our closest one in Orlando is just near the universal parks which makes it perfect to call into when we're out and about

My husband loves the buffet items in the store so we like to fill a tub with whatever we fancy. On this occasion I had a piece of marinated chicken, a portion of ribs and some chilli with rice. All the signs above the food has the ingredients written out so you can pick out safe options. You pay by weight so it's not cheap but it's tasty!

I also like the sushi selection that they have. It's all super fresh and tasty. I like the Shrimp Summer rolls with sweet chilli sauce. I can never resist edamame too as a side.

This is my Wholefoods haul, some of it was to take home but frozen stuff I had to devour while I was there. I really could have brought a whole lot more as there is just so much choice for every dietary need. I could go mad in the frozen isles but there's only so many meal times and not enough space in my belly.

I knew I had to find the Daiya Cheesecakes which are a new addition since my last visit. They come in a few different flavours but I picked the New York style. Now I couldn't wait to try this but stupidly I didn't check the ingredients. It was made with coconut milk which I can't tolerate. My husband talked me into trying it just in case I was ok with it, it didn't like me. But, it was worth the discomfort as it was so rich and creamy and tasted just like proper cheesecake. I wish I could still eat coconut because it used to be my fave and it would open up so many more options for me.

Another favourite of mine which can be found in the refrigerated section is Eat Pastry cookie dough. It makes lovely cookies. They are really good. They are really quick to make as you just scoop out the dough and pop them in the oven. Perfect to nibble on round the pool or at night.

I also picked up some guacamole as Wholefoods guacamole is my all time favourite. It is just the same in the UK stores too. Really delicious. I found some Amy's salsa too which was really nice.

Can't beat freshly made guacamole. Mm mm.

Another new thing I found was the Bold Organics pizza. I thought this pizza was by far the best free from pizza I've ever had. They had a selection of different flavours but I couldn't resist the meat lovers one as I love pepperoni.

The base was really tasty and had just the right crunch. The toppings were fab and the dairy free cheese melted and toasted well. I ended up having a couple while we were there as they were just too good.

For a sweet treat I love the Piping Gourmets whoopie pies. They are kept in the freezer and as they are individually wrapped you can take them out as you fancy. I didn't even wait for them to defrost as I quite liked them straight from the freezer. 

The mint ones are my favorite.

All in all Wholefoods is definitely a place you should visit in America. You will be overwhelmed by the selection and choices. I just wish I could have brought it all home with me.

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