Thursday, 4 June 2015

Disney Wilderness Lodge Lunch 2015

This year we decided to visit some more of the Disney Resorts that we'd not yet explored. If you did not know, you can visit any of the Disney hotels without having to be staying at them. You can make reservations in any of the table service restaurants, eat at the quick service restaurants or just walk round the resort taking in the sights and the atmosphere. Be warned, every one you visit you will want to stay at.

Mondays we find are always busy at the parks. Lots of people arrive over the weekend so of course they want to head straight to the theme parks. We find this a perfect day for us to do alternative things. Our first stop was the Wilderness Lodge resort. The theming in Disney resorts is amazing. The lobby at this hotel was epic.

We chose to have lunch at the Roaring Fork which is a counter service restaurant. On entering the restaurant a man greeted us on the door. I took the opportunity to ask him about options for food allergies and straight away he said he'd fetch the chef to go through the options. I decided to have my first experience of chicken tenders. The chef took us to a till and placed my order with the cashier. We took a seat and waited for the food to arrive at our table.

My food arrived with a plastic lid that had Allergy written on it. I helped myself to some lettuce and tomatoes from the salad stand. There were also some little Heinz sauce pots which on checking the ingredients were fine to eat. Chicken tenders are actually free from most (if not all) of the top 8 allergens so there are a lot of locations around Disney that serve them. I knew this trip I had to try them.

I know its not the healthiest of meals but 1. I'm on holiday and 2. you don't find takeaway chicken & chips in the UK so I was making the most of it. It was a great sized portion. They were actually really tasty and I enjoyed them for lunch.

 As in all Disney restaurants make sure you mention your allergies to the servers first so they can help with your options and call the chef (usually standard Disney practice).

Wilderness lodge is definitely now one of our favourite resorts to explore. Its lovely.

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