Friday, 17 July 2015

Camden Town Eats July 2015

It's no secret that I love Camden. It's one of my favourite places in the UK to visit. The market stalls and shops in this area could probably cover every dietary need. It's a fantastic place. As we were in London for the Allergy Show we decided to stay in Camden for the weekend.

As we arrived in Camden mid afternoon we headed straight to the bustling market to pick up some lunch. Last year I ate from Maize Blaze and loved it. I've been craving it ever since so that's the stall I headed for. They do amazing gluten free and dairy free empanadas which come with an array of tasty sides. I love the chicken empanadas they are full of flavour and I chose to have mine with the salad box which included mixed leaves, tomatoes tasty fried potatoes, red cabbage and sunflower seeds. So good. My husband had the box which also contained rice and plantain. Delicious.

I can't visit Camden without stopping at Cookies & Scream. It wasnt just me that has that thought either as we found Becky (gfcuppatea) and her boyfriend Mark slurping down some scrummy milkshakes sat at the stall. I picked out the hazelnut brownies, a choc chip cookie and a bowser (brownie & cookie in one! Hell yes!). As always they were all super delicious. I always recommend Cookies & Scream to anyone visiting Camden who needs GF Vegan sweet treats.

Another place I always stop at in Camden is Chaboba for a bubble tea. I noticed they were doing a Watermelon special so I had to try it (being watermelon everything obsessed). I had it with lychee & mango bubbles and as a crush as it was so hot. Lovely and refreshing.

The first evening we decided to go to WholeFoods to stock up on food for a hotel balcony picnic. I love Wholefoods there needs to be one in every town. I picked out some sweet chill wings, falafel with a sweet tangy dip, tortillas and what I think is the best guacamole ever. I like Wholefoods as they list all the ingredients of the warm buffet food on labels making it easy to pick safe food. All was very tasty.

The following morning I went over the road to get a smoothly from InSpiral Lounge. If you've not heard of InSpiral they are a 100% gluten free, vegan & vegetarian restaurant and shop. You can buy some of their packaged products in Wholefoods. I had a Banana Karma Smoothie which is Activated Cashew Nuts, Dates, Raw Cacao and Bananas. I really enjoyed it. They have a great selection of take away juices and smoothies. They also sell nut based ice cream, desserts, kale chips and raw chocolates along with numerous menu items in the cafe.

We spent most of the day in London Zoo. It's a nice walk along the canal and through Regent's Park. I didn't eat in the zoo but I did notice that on one of the stands they had allergens shown on the labels for sandwiches etc. 

Late afternoon we popped back to the market before heading home. Another place I really wanted to try was the Louisiana Chilli Shack. I saw them at the GF Festival last year but didn't get a chance to try. I chose the beef chilli with tortillas and coriander salsa. This was one of the best Chillis I've ever tasted. It was so so good. Everything on the stall is gluten free and they have dairy & egg free options too. Thumbs up! 

Finally while I was in Wholefoods I got a few items to take home. I picked up a couple of Vego bars. I can't resist hazelnut chocolate. Some Rose & Cardamon Marshmallows which looked interesting and a chocolate orange cake from an artisan chocolatier call Pourtoi. The cake was really nice with chunks of chocolate throughout. Yum! 

What with the Allergy Show and Camden I had a great Free From weekend. Check out my previous post to see what I found at the allergy show.

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