Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Busch Gardens

I'd never been over to Busch Gardens so food wise I wasn't sure what to expect. I'd read on their website that the best place to caters for special diets was the Crown Colony House. Downstairs is a quick service area although with massive queues it would hardly have been quick! I did notice stands near the tills full with the GF To Go packs the same as Discovery Cove. 

We decided to head upstairs to the waiter service restaurant. It was a nicer atmosphere and away from the hustle & bustle downstairs. The outside balcony had nice views over the park. On reception were some Allergy Cards. You filled out the cards with your details and then pass it onto the server. This was then passed onto the chef to ensure everyone was aware of your dietary needs. I asked the server if it was possible to have the garden salad with chicken and no dressing. He said he'd check with the chef just to make sure the chicken had nothing in it I couldn't eat. Few minutes later another server came out to confirm the chicken would be fine and offered to add a raspberry dressing to my salad which was safe. Yes please! It was a lovely salad and the dressing was great (I've even recreated it at home). It wasn't a bad price and again it was a great meal. I thought the allergy cards were a great idea too. Sometimes it's easier to write things down in plain English rather than have to explain to everyone. The servers seemed very cluded up on special diets too which is always reassuring. This park also has stands selling the rainbow Ice dippin dots for a nice ice cold treat.

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