Sunday, 8 June 2014

Cookes of Dublin

After visiting Raglan Road I knew I had to get my scallop fix again. This time we decided to try Cookes of Dublin which is joined to Raglan Road. This is a take away (there are tables inside and out to eat at) rather than a waiter service restaurant. Cookes of Dublin do a number of Gluten & Dairy free battered items such as Scallops, Fish, Prawns (shrimps) and onion rings. When ordering at the counter I asked the cashier for GF/DF/EF scallops. No problem. Everything is cooked to order so there was a 5-10 minute wait for our food but at least you know it's going to be served fresh and hot. 

I received 5 big white juicy scallops served with a nice size portion of chips and the yummy chilli jam. They were perfect. I still couldn't get over how big their scallops are in America. 

We actually also stopped off at Downtown Disney on our way to the airport for our flight home so we could have them for the last time. We should have renamed it Scallop Sunday as all 3 Sundays we were in Orlando we ate scallops. Yum!!

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