Saturday, 7 June 2014

Wholefoods Orlando Haul

Hands down one of my favourite stores to shop at. I love them in England, although I can only visit when in London,  but they are extra epic in America. So many different brands and options for special diets. I could spend hours looking round quite easily. We went to the Wholefoods on Turkey Lake Road, Orlando. 

I had a few items on my list that I had to buy. I was re-united with Earth Balance cheese puffs which are (in my opinion) a dairyfree version of Wotsits, yum! I found a different Amy's Pizza which was bigger in size and Spinach flavoured. I really liked this and my husband (a "normal" pizza eater) thought it was tasty too. I found the new Daiya brand pizzas. These are also free from Dairy, Egg and Gluten. I chose the fire roasted vegetable one which was super good. We seriously need more dairyfree pizza options in the UK. I got a few sweet snacks, old favourites and new. I also spotted the So Delicious Cashew Milk which I was really excited to try as I love cashews. It was a lovely creamy milk. I actually used it in a cocktail with iced cake vodka and some cookies & cream milkshake flavoring. Yum! 

I did have to restrain myself as there was only so much frozen stuff we could store and eat while there. I'm happy I got the things I'd been looking at on the internet for months and months drooling. 

I did miss off the Piping Gourmet Whoopie pies as they were in the freezer. I was really impressed with them. I chose the chocolate mint ones which were really really nice. I ate mine straight from the freezer which was great as it was like a cakey ice cream sandwich. They can be defrosted too before eating. I hope they make it over to the uk as I think they'd sell really well in the free from community. 



  1. I need it ALL!!!!! why can't we have this stuff in the UK so unfair :/

  2. I know, I wish I could have brought it all back, although I had a good go, went with 2.5 cases and came back with 4 ;)