Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Discovery Cove Eats

Discovery Cove is one of our favourite places to visit in Orlando. The last few years they have been great with food allergies so I knew I wouldn't miss out. 

As your day pass is all inclusive you are served breakfast on arrival, lunch and snacks anytime during the day.

For breakfast I wasn't too hungry so I just selected a fruit bowl and apple juice which I didn't need to check ingredients on.

You are advised to go straight to a server at the end of the queue to request any allergy free food. For lunch I spoke to a sever who brought out the chef. He explained to me what options I had. I chose to have pulled pork and fries. He personally went off to prepare my meal and appeared shortly after with a plate full of pork & fries and he'd also put on my tray a few snack boxes which contain allergy free snacks. I always think these are a great idea and they are free of the top 8 allergens. Dinner was really tasty and hit the spot. 

The various snack bars throughout the park had signs saying "gluten free snacks available on request". These again were the Gluten Free "To Go" boxes. They also had some packets of crisps (chips) which were GF/ DF too. 

All in all I was really impressed with how they dealt with food allergies and knew I was in safe hands. 

Thumbs up to Discovery Cove :) 

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